Lentils Are the OG

Pro-Chi blends ancient botantical wisdom into modern day snacks. Lentils have been nourishing people around the world for thousands of years and are a symbol of good luck. Pro-Chi was inspired by their time-honored tradition and family roots. Don't let the size of these seeds fool you! They are tiny powerhouses providing you with protein and nutrients to live strong.

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Hungry for Something Different?

Snacking that's good, clean and fun. Who could ask for more? Made with organic lentils, Pro-Chi is unexpectedly fun and delicious. All of our snacks are vegan and gluten free. Plant protein at its best.

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Shop in Stores

Pro-Chi is available at select Whole Foods Market Stores and Independent Grocers in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Sourtheast regions. We have been expanding our footprint gradually because for us, it's important to keep things high quality. Order some online today and tell your local grocery store if you want the product in their store!

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A new podcast that explores how food nourishes growth with stories about meaningful life topics and food. Cook with us or just listen as we talk with our mouths full on a journey of fullfillment.

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  • Pro-Chi Overnight Oat Recipe

    A blend of natural oats and chia paired with almond milk and Pro-Chi Protein Crunch. A true breakfast to champion.

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  • Pantry Raid Cabbage Salad Recipe

    Made with long-lasting produce and pantry staples, this salad is the perfect pantry meal.

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  • Mid-Day Snack, Beans and Cucumber Recipe

    A combination of smooth hummus with crunchy Pro-Chi lentils make this snack a standout.

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Pro-Chi | Pro-You

Pro-Chi puts the power of plant-based nutrition in the palm of your hand so you can live the life you want, satisfied and fulfilled. All of our products are powered by lentils, vegan and gluten-free.


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