Our Values

Underpinning our mission to help fuel the lifeforce that sustains people, communities and the planet, are our core values. Each one of our products is deeply rooted in these ideas, and we live our values everyday as we serve our customers.  

Our Values:

  • Community Matters
  • Supporting a Sustainable Environment
  • Being a Force of Positive Transformation
  • Good. Clean. Fun.

Pro-Chi Values

Since our founding, giving back to our community has been an integral part of our company, regularly donating snacks to FeedMore to support our local community. Our new Pro-Chi Brownie Crumble was specificially made for kids in food insecure homes. Powered by lentils, our Brownie Crumbles provide kids with the natural nourishment they need without excess sugar or preservatives. Every time we produce our lentil brownies, over 10% of the product is used to make Brownie Crumbles, which is donated to local backpack programs ensuring kids can enjoy access to the healthy nutrition they need. 

Our plant-based focus not only supports well-being in our bodies, it also supports the well-being of the planet.  Several of our products are made with sprouted lentils which enhances their nutrient content and absorption, and allows us to produce more with less.  In addition, we leverage the "whole pan" of our brownie production runs - even the edges - reducing food waste along the way.  

Innovation and transformation are what our business was built on.  And what's life without a little playfulness.  All of our products are designed in the spirit of good, clean, fun.  

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