Fill Up with Intention.

Pro-Chi(R) makes it easy to eat with intention. All of our snacks are made with organic lentils and are nutritionally designed for taste and wellness, providing delicious plant-based, grain-free nutrition that satisfies and staves off hunger.  

Pro-Chi is about tapping into the lifeforce that feeds our bodies, our communities and the world around us. Everything we do is in support of this purpose.

Pro-Chi Founder Kim Baker

What Does Pro-Chi Mean?

We are often asked about the name Pro-Chi.  Pro-Chi is about being an advocate and a force in the world that creates positivity in our our own experiences and those we share with others. The chi is an ancient Chinese concept for the spirit within us, and it is our belief that it can be shaped with intention. Food fuels us and connects us. It has the ability to be both a playground and a temple.  

Why Lentils?

Founder Kim Baker started Pro-Chi to create something different based on the belief that food can shape who we become. Lentils were revered by her family - they were considered a source of strength, and around the world, they are a symbol of good luck.  Lentils are a powerful plant-based food source, rich in protein and important micro-nutirnets like iron and potassium.  We love lentils!

Are You a Woman-Owned Business? 

Yes! Pro-Chi is manufactured by Kim Baker Foods, a 100% women-owned business.  It was started by Kim as a single mother, poviding inspiration and empowerment, and as a way to teach her son to reach beyond circumstance and develop the person you want to become.  

Pro-Chi lentil snacks, our values

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