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Pro-Chi Plant Energy

Pro-Chi Protein Crunch Power Pack (3 Bags)

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Looking for tasty, healthy plant-protein snacks? Then our power pack is for you.

  • HEART HEALTHY SNACK – Organic sprouted lentils baked crunchy in avocado oil with nuts, seeds, and fruit for a delicious, satisfying and unique snack
  • ALL NATURAL - Made with organic lentils, lightly sweetened with no refined sugar
  • GRAIN-FREE, VEGAN - 6 grams of plant protein per serving. Perfect for vegetarian, flexitarian, Mediterranean diets. Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free
  • MINDFUL EATING - Nutritionally designed for wellness. A good source of protein, fiber, and micronutrients like iron, copper, zinc, folate, and potassium.
  • DELICIOUSLY SATISFYING – Tasty crunch. Staves off hunger

Pro- Chi makes intentional eating possible for those looking for tasty healthy snacks with busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Made with organic sprouted lentils baked crunchy with heart healthy avocado oil and other natural seeds and nuts, Pro-Chi provides plant-based, grain-free nutrition with a uniquely satisfying crunch and a hint of all natural sweetness to stave off hunger. Pro-Chi Protein Crunch comes in three flavors — dark chocolate peanut butter, almond butter raisin, and tahini. We believe in the power of whole food protein and natural superfood nutrition combined with good taste. Pro-Chi is a vegan snack that’s grain-free, dairy free and soy free with 6 grams of plant protein and only 5-6 grams of sugar per serving (see note about potential allergens). This low glycemic energizing snack will keep you full longer, has a carb to protein ratio that makes it ideal for a satisfying post-workout snack, and it’s also a great healthy school snack idea for kids. Pro-Chi is the perfect blend of lightly sweet and salty, giving you a delicious and healthy alternative to chips and sugary granolas and nutritional bars. Fill up with intention with Pro-Chi.

Check out the ingredients here. *Note: Contains nuts. May contain traces of other allergens.

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