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Pro-Chi Plant Energy

Inspirational Book and Vegan Gift Set

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The perfect holiday pairing for any food lover. This gift set includes our new inspirational journal and two bags of Pro-Chi vegan and gluten free plant based snacks. A unique foodie gift for under $40.

Our new Feed Your Fire journal and inspirational guidebook includes thoughtful prompts and provocations, healthy recipes, and original food art to nourish a journey of self-discovery and enjoyment. The cross-genre mix sets it apart and provides an engaging foundation for learning and growth that also entertains the senses. 

The snack bags include one 4 oz. bag of Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch (Simply Salted) and one 4 oz. bag Pro-Chi Protein Crunch (Almond Butter Raisin).

Nourish fulfillment in mind, body and spirit this holiday season.

Vegan and gluten free. Free shipping.