Pro-Chi Lentil Brownie Healthy Kids Lunches

Back to School Lunches

September brings in cooler weather and a new school calendar!  For all the parents out there looking for ways to make your kid's lunches easy, nutritious, and fun, we've got some ideas to share.  

We gathered some great school lunch ideas for kids of all ages and our new Pro-Chi Lentil Brownies are a great way to round them out. 

Pro-Chi Mini Brownies Back to School Lunches for Kids

What makes these brownies so awesome is that they taste rich and fudgey, and are nutritious.  Yes!  In fact, one brownie has as more iron than a serving of broccoli.  They also have 54% less sugar than the average brownie and are "free-from" most allergens. Each brownie is individualy wrapped so they're perfect for on-the-go and dropping a special treat into your child's lunchbox.  Trust me, they will be asking for more lentils! The brownies freeze great too so you can store them in the freezer and just pop one out when you are ready to have one.  Interested in checking them out?  We offer a 4-pack trial pack for only $15.95 with free shipping and a 12-pack case for $35.95.  Shop here.  

We are committed to food that is in support of our well-being and the well-being of our community. We donate more than 10% of production to local kids backpack programs so when you buy our products you are helping other kids get the nutrition and food that they need.  More here

Here a few other ideas that we think are great for kids lunches.

An easy meal delivered right to your house by Nuture Life - mac and cheese with hidden cauliflower and broccoli

Healthy kids lunches to pair with a Pro-Chi Lentil Brownie

Who doesn't love pizza! Rachel Mansfield's uncrustables are a great idea.

Pro-Chi Lentil Brownie Easy Kids Lunches Gluten Free


The Washington Post shares a few great recipes and the idea of getting kids to eat healthy by giving them self-control.  

Pro-Chi Lentil Brownie School Lunches for Kids